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Eastern Connecticut Psychological Associates, LLC is a committed, small group of experienced mental health providers who use evidenced-based therapies to address a number of mental health issues. We provide therapy for adolescence and adults. We provide a trauma sensitive approach within a general mental health office. Our compassionate and caring therapists will help guide you along your recovery.

Joseph Lang,Ph.D

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Joseph Lang, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with years of experience treating individuals in Eastern Connecticut. His area of interest is providing trauma sensitive treatment to individuals who have experienced life threatening events and less intense, everyday trauma.  He is a certified EMDR therapist and is currently being trained as an EMDRIA approved consultant. This evidenced based model of therapy is endorsed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Department of Defense, and the American Psychiatric Association for the treatment of trauma related conditions.  Dr. Lang is also trained in Dialectical Behavior therapy (DBT) for helping individuals better manage their stressful lives and interpersonal relationships. He utilizes a neuroscience framework to teach people coping skills and inner resources to better regulate their moods and behaviors.